MAY 2021 ZkPad is the first launchpad and incubator of StarkNet. The platform offers users a secure and decentralized way to invest in pre-selected crypto startups.

The team wants to introduce a new quality standard in the launch pads for all participants of the Web3 ecosystem. According to the ZkPad whitepaper, they have come up with new mechanisms that will significantly improve the way they work compared to existing launchpads. The team is focused on decentralization and long-term commitment to the projects they support. TWITTER

Key Features :

Tokenized Whitelist
For each project listed on ZKPad, ZKP token contributors will receive a pass to the whitelist in the form of an NFT. These NFTs can either give users the right to invest in IDO on ZKPad, or they can be resold (sold) to another investor.

Online lottery system

Most launchpads have an incomprehensible off-chain lottery system (centralized) for determining whitelist participants. For greater transparency, they decided to implement this mechanism completely online.

Managed market creation

Managing the market production of tokens for each project will allow them to control preliminary and possible "pumps and dumps" when listing tokens. They chose a fixed swap pool system.

Optimized reward for staking
By zaking your ZKP tokens, you will provide yourself with increased profitability. This will be feasible through the use of Defi protocols in their repositories.


ZkPad has introduced innovative features that have not been on any other launchpad before. This makes it one of the most exciting projects in 2022.

The project looks very strong and could be a breakthrough in Starknet. Whether it will be the next Gem, we will find out soon. In the meantime, we can follow ZkPad closely on Twitter to find out the latest news, and join their Discord to keep in touch with the community.